With the growing number of COVID-19 cases worldwide, Women's Alliance MN remains as available as ever to support our community and continue to advocate for the health and safety of the most vulnerable women.


During Unprecedented Times, We Stand For Women

A letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends and Partners, 

Kind regards and best wishes, for you and your loved ones to find strength, resilience, and good health during these difficult times.

Women's Alliance MN continues to remain as available as ever to support our Latino community in Minnesota during this global crisis.

I am writing this letter on behalf of our Latino families, who are being severely affected by the pandemic. 

We have reports of significant job losses among informal workers, small retailers, caregivers, janitors, housekeepers, restaurant workers, etc. Low paying jobs such as these cannot be performed remotely. 

There are insufficient safeguards in place to protect these vulnerable families from falling behind on rent or utility bills. These current conditions appear to be on the verge of catastrophe especially for undocumented workers, their families, and children.

As you may know, undocumented individuals are not able to access unemployment benefits, Medicare, social services, and resources or federally funded programs. This situation has left many single mothers at risk of running out of adequate resources they need to survive.
This week I have spoken to many women facing immediate hardships, but they are too afraid to seek help, they feel they could be at risk of deportation due to their immigration status.

Women's Alliance MN is launching a fundraiser to support undocumented women and their children during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

We are asking our allies to donate and or share this fundraiser with your networks so we can ensure that undocumented women and their children have funds to cover these primary needs: Pay bills, pay rent, and buy groceries to put food on the table.

Please share this information and visit our website at and feel free to hit the Donate button to make your contribution online.

Now more than ever, we need to strengthen our shared partnerships to help the most vulnerable.

In solidarity

Liliana Torres Nordahl

Executive Director

The health and safety of women and their children, even if they are undocumented, cannot be ignored in the midst of a crisis.

In Solidarity with Women


Micro-grant Guidelines & Application

1 LCW Grant cover Ltr Blank 3-16-2020 (docx)


2 LCW Grant App April-May 2020 - 3-16-2020 (pdf)


Your contribution today will ensure that some women and their children can cover basic needs to pay bills, rent and put food on the table.